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Failed to load plugin from gazebo_plugins (gazebo_ros_depth_camera) using ROS hydro and gazebo 1.9

Hi I'm currently trying to use the gazebo_ros_depth_camera plugin provided by the gazebo_plugins package and am getting an error. The SDF I am using also contains other custom written plugins that successfully loads. However I can't seem to get gazebo to load the gazebo_ros_depth_camera. I've tried exporting the "plugin_path" within the package.xml file as well as set the absolute plugin path in the SDF. The error I am getting is this:

Error [Plugin.hh:127] Failed to load plugin /opt/ros/hydro/lib/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have verified exists at the default location (/opt/ros/hydro/lib/). The way I am using the SDF is by first launching a world via roslaunch. I then spawn the SDF using rosrun gazebo_ros spawn_model. Any ideas why Plugin.hh would fail to load this plugin when the file is verified to be at the specified location? Thanks.