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Skid Steer Drive Plugin unable to find joints when it is included in a sdf


I am creating a new robot model, to do so I include the mobile platform and the sensors in the robot's sdf.

When I add this robot an SkidSteerDrivePlugin error[1] appears saying it is unable to find the joints.

If instead of the robot's sdf[2] I launch only the platform's sdf[3] then it works.

I tried unsuccessfuly to:

  • move the plugin tag up to the robot's model
  • change the joints to segway_rmp400::the_joint
  • both at same time
  • find the patched plugin mentioned in "question/3311/skidsteerdriveplugin"

In the "question/3311/skidsteerdriveplugin" something similar happens because the plugin has the joint names hard coded. I suppose the problem is there

Should I have to create a world with all the sdf inside without using includes?

Thanks in advance!

[1] The error

Error [] Unable to find the right_front joint in model teo.
Error [] Unable to find the right_rear joint in model teo.
Error [] Unable to find the left_front joint in model teo.
Error [] Unable to find the left_rear joint in model teo.

[2] The robot's SDF

 <model name="teo">
     <pose>0 0 0 0 0 0</pose>

[3] The platform's SDF

<model name="segway_rmp400">
  <link name="chassis">..</link>
  <plugin name="SkidSteerDrivePlugin" filename="">