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Real Time Factor going down after insertion of a "simple" test room

Hi all,

after inserting a selfmade model, a floor (around 27 meters x 2,20 meters) with one additional room (around 4 meters x 5 meters), the real time factor is going down to 0.65. The model was created using sketup and exported as a .dae file (see attachement).

Of course I did expect the real time factor to go down a bit, but how much is considered normal with "simple" shapes.

The robot movements are becoming really slow. I am using the ROS move_base node to move to 2d goals.

The computer I use is an i7 @ 3,4GHz with 8GB ram. The graphics card is some nvidia with 1024MB. Could it be that the graphics card doesn't have enough power? Isn't the gazebo client normally not used for visual presentation and user interaction only?

Thanks for your help, Christoph

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