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Toggling contact of wheel

I have created a model by using the URDF export plugin for SolidWorks and converted it into the SDF format. In Gazebo some joints start moving. The problem appears to be a toggling contact of the wheel with the ground. Please watch the youtube video to understand what I am refering to.

3 wheel robotic platform in gazebeo

The video is x10 times the normal speed, as the movement is very small. Unfortunately I cannot upload the SDF file in lack of Karma.

so here is a sniplet of the wheel

 <link name='rad'>
  <pose>0.0724995 0 -0.435 -1.57079 0 0</pose>

    <pose>0 0 0 0 -0 0</pose>

  <collision name='rad_collision'>
    <pose>0 0 0 0 -0 0</pose>
      <!-- <mesh>
        <scale>1 1 1</scale>
      </mesh> -->

    <fdir1>1 1 0</fdir1>


And thats the sniplet for the corresponding joint

 <joint name='Jrad' type='revolute'>
    <xyz>0 1 0</xyz>

I have tried different values for mu, friction friction etc. with limited success. Maybe someone sees the error in my approach.

The system i am working on:

OS: Ubuntu 3.8.0-35-generic #50~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 4 17:25:51 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Gazebo: version 2.1.0

ROS: Furete

BR and thanks for any help in advance!