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Does gazebo_ros_depth_camera with "points" output produce a color point cloud?

I am using gazebo_ros_depth_camera to generate a point cloud with Gazebo 1.9.2, ROS Hydro, and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Here is the relevant section of my URDF file:

<gazebo reference="bottom_mast_camera">
  <sensor name="bottom_mast_camera" type="depth">


    <plugin name="bottom_mast_depth_camera"

Notice that I am using "points" in the <output> element, not "depths". Is such a point cloud supposed to be a color point cloud? I found the Gazebo source code that creates the point cloud, and it is producing a color point cloud. However, when I subscribe to the cloud on a ROS topic, the green and blue values are always zero. Red is usually 128 or 160. <output>depths</output> results in a correct color point cloud.