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How to remove ros-groovy-simulator-gazebo without removing all of ROS?

I'm completely new to gazebo and find it difficult to understand which version I should be using in combination with ROS groovy.

Here it sounds like I should stick to the ROS package ros-groovy-simulator-gazebo, but this link gives clear instructions on how to use standalone gazebo 1.9 with ROS groovy. So for the moment I expect that I should be able to use version 1.9. Is this correct?

However, when trying to install gazebo_ros as described here, it says I should remove the old version of gazebo as per

sudo apt-get remove ros-groovy-simulator-gazebo

but apt-get tells me it's going to uninstall all of ROS if I continue:

The following packages will be REMOVED:
 ros-groovy-desktop-full ros-groovy-erratic-robot ros-groovy-pr2-simulator ros-groovy-simulator-gazebo

Can somebody plaese point me in the right direction which version of gazebo I should install and how exactly I should go about it?

I'm aware of the same question being asked here, but the accepted answer isn't actually an answer to the problem.