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Problems getting textures to load

Whenever I import a textured model from Maya into Gazebo the texture never shows up.The only time I have been successful was when I imported the duck.dae and duck.png files provided in a tutorial on Gazebo's website.

The duck example image description

However, when I use this same duck.png as a texture map on any other model I create (with the appropriate UV maps) it never shows up in Gazebo.

Here are 2 models with the textures applied in Maya. image description

image description

This is how the models appear in Gazebo image description

image description

For the submarine place holder it just rendered yellow, while the rocky terrain rendered grey.

Even when I apply a simple brown blinn shader with a bump map attached to the model it appears grey without the bump map.

Maya example image description

In Gazebo image description

Is there a texture tutorial that I'm missing?