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Tutorial on ros_control is not working

Hello everybody,

I am running ROS Indigo with Gazebo 2.2.2 and while following this tutorial on ROS control, I have encountered the following errors when loading the controllers:

[ERROR] [1403515045.747779829, 5481.747000000]: Exception thrown while initializing controller joint1_position_controller.
Could not find resource 'jaco_joint_1' in 'hardware_interface::EffortJointInterface'. 
[ERROR] [1403515045.747874992, 5481.747000000]: Initializing controller 'joint1_position_controller' failed

in gzserver and

[INFO] [WallTime: 1403515045.521738] [0.000000] Loading controller: joint1_position_controller
[ERROR] [WallTime: 1403515046.765866] [5482.597000] Failed to load joint1_position_controller

in the terminal I was launching the .launch file for loading the controllers from. The only controller successfully loaded and started is just the joint_state_controller, all the other actuators have the similar error like the one on joint1_position_controller.

At first, I thought there is something I have missed or misunderstood, but when I cloned the exact example with RRbot from git, just as they show it in the tutorial, I got the same error for both of the RRbot's joints.

Does anybody have an idea how to get the tutorial working as depicted in it?

Thank you in advance