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Using SDF tags in URDF (gazebo extension) directly?

This questions is related to the previous thread: urdf-to-sdf-conversion [1].

Now, I'm reporting my observations when trying to use SDF tags from sdf1.4 in the URDF directly.

As mentioned in [1], it should be possible to use SDF within the gazebo tags referencing a link or joint within the URDF directly.

SDF tags for links

For setting most of the SDF tags relevant for links, URDF does not need the gazebo extensions, i.e. pose, ├Čnertial, visual and collision related tags are correctly set up using urdf-xml-link.

  1. gravity and self_collide
    It's the same result as mentioned in this issue

  2. kinematic
    It is converted to sdf. But seems to have no effect according to this thread

  3. velocity_decay
    The following can be used to set velocity_decay of a link.
    With this, it's possible to set different values for linear and angular (in contrast to using the gazebo tag dampingFactor).

    <gazebo reference="${name}_base_link">

SDF tags for joints

Similar to the above mentioned, tags that can correctly be set up using urdf-xml-joint are not considered here.

  1. damping and friction (dynamics)
    damping of an axis can only be set using the URDF tag dynmaics -> damping.
    All the following variants are not converted into the SDF file:

    <gazebo reference="${name}_1_joint">

    friction cannot be set from anywhere as it is currently (not yet) supported (see PullRequest)

  2. physics for ode (ode)
    Both following variants are not converted into the SDF file:

    <gazebo reference="${name}_1_joint">

Thus, it seems that using SDF tags directly within a URDF file is not supported - at least the way I tried to use them. In case I used them in the wrong way, please let me know! I'd be happy to test again then...

The only tags that are converted into the SDF file are gravity, self_collide (however, not considered due to issue), kinematic (however, see thread) and velocity_decay.