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Loading custom model

I've been trying to follow the tutorial here to create a building model to place into my Gazebo world.

I can save the model file, but when I click done gazebo crashes. I figured this shouldn't be a problem as it creates the .sdf file anway.

However, when I try to load the model into fresh instance of gazebo, I cannot find the model. I have added the directory containing the .sdf file path into my GAZEBO_ MODEL_PATH env variable, so the directory does shown up under the models tab in Gazebo, however, there are no models listed here.

I had a look at default gazebo models folder in .gazebo and tried to match the folder structure using the .config files that come with the standard models, but to no avail.

I'm running Gazebo 1.96 (came with ROS Hydro), under Ubuntu 12.04 (I also tried it under OS X 10.10, although this is not my primary workstation)