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Multiple model with Gazebo plugin

Hello everyone,

I have a problem and I don't know how to fix it. I have an sdf file which includes multiple models within it, such as:

<model name="manipulator" &gt;="" <include=""> <uri>model://CubeBot</uri> <name>cubebot_1</name> <pose>0 0.117 0 -1.57 -1.57 0</pose>

  <pose>0 0.117 0 -1.57 -1.57 0</pose>    


and each CubeBot model has a plugin to control it. I control their positions by using a ROS topic which communicates with Gazebo (stand-alone version). I use an array in the plugin in Gazebo to receive different reference positions from ROS, but it doesn't work. In fact when I command a CubeBot to move, (and only it), then even the other CubeBot moves, and I don't want it. Is it possible to fix this problem? I use Gazebo 2.2 and ROS indigo. Thanks a lot.