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Getting forces from Gazebo in ROS with pygazebo

Hi guys,

I'm new to Gazebo and ROS and am running the hector_quadrotor package to simulate a quadrotor in the gazebo world. I'm trying to get the contact forces from gazebo by subscribing to "/gazebo/default/physics/contacts" in ROS. Echo using gztopic works fine and subscribing from both C++ and python to ROS topics also works but I haven't been able to get gazebo topics to ROS yet...

Since my C++ knowlegde is limited, I'm using pygazebo which is giving me: "SyntaxError: 'yield' outside function" when running the example subscriber code from pygazebo ( I'm using ROS Indigo with Gazebo 2.2.3, python 2.7.6 and pygazebo 3.0.0.

What am I doing wrong? Any tips? Am I using incompatibel versions or something? Cheers