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2015-01-09 12:37:52 -0600 answered a question Controller gains behind Joint::SetVelocity?

SetVelocity is implemented differently for different physics engines. Gazebo is compatible with several core physics engines: ODE, Simbody, Bullet, and DART. However, only ODE and Bullet are available in 1.9, and in all versions ODE is the default. Joint is actually an abstract class, and there's a different implementation for the different physics engines. There are also different implementations for the different kinds of joints (hinge, prismatic, etc.). To find the implementation of SetVelocity, look in folder gazebo/physics/ode/ for ODEJoint and ODEHingeJoint (since it sounds like you are using a rotating hinge joint).

As you can see if you read the source code, there is no PID control in the background for SetVelocity. There is a PID class that computes PID math for you, which you could try using for PID velocity control.

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If you run `gazebo --verbose` or `gzserver --verbose`, do you see any messages?

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2014-12-02 19:46:14 -0600 answered a question Failed to load plugin

If you want a brute-force solution, try:

sudo updatedb

to find the path to the dynamic library you are attempting to load. You may get multiple. Then add the folder containing to your GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH using the command

export GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH=<absolute path to folder>:${GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH}