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2015-01-23 03:08:17 -0500 asked a question SetForce with ODE Engine: error in documentation?


I've written a ModelPlugin which calls physics::Joint::SetForce(int, double) on a revolute joint using the ODE physics engine. According to the documentation Gazebo API doc this should only work for SimBody and DART engine (I'm using gazebo 4.1). However, it works as expected.

My question is: can I safely use this with ODE, i.e. it's only an error in the documentation, or do I have to expect this behaviour will break in some update?

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2014-12-08 10:20:18 -0500 commented answer GetAngle of revolute2 returns always 0

Thanks. I have a workaround: I just connect multiple 1DOF revolute joints via massless links.

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2014-12-08 09:17:36 -0500 asked a question GetAngle of revolute2 returns always 0


I'm using gazebo 2.2.5, because it ships with Ubuntu. However, for my revolute2 joints I can't get the angular position of the 2nd axis: joint->GetAngle(1) returns always 0. GetVelocity(1) as well as GetAngle(0) and GetVelocity(0) work as expected.

I found in this forum that this bug should have been fixed in Gazebo 1.4 here - but apparently it's not.

I would like to know if this is a bug, and if it is fixed in later versions? I would prefer to stay with the gazebosim that comes with ubuntu, unless there is a really good reason to upgrade and resign the convenience that prepacked versions offer...