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2015-03-06 02:13:12 -0600 answered a question GZWEB ONLY WORKS WITH THE BASIC FORM

that the error that give me the script:

Warning [] Converting a deprecated source[/home/zgallo/gzweb/tools/../http/client/assets/asphaltplane/model.sdf]. Warning [] Version[1.5] to Version[1.4] Please use the gzsdf tool to update your SDF files. $ gzsdf convert [sdffile] Error [] Unable to convert from SDF version 1.5 to 1.4 Msg Waiting for master Msg Connected to gazebo master @ Msg Publicized address: Error [] No namespace found

and my model doesn't appear on /gzweb/http/client/assest

it appear on /gzweb/mymodel

2015-03-05 05:33:16 -0600 asked a question GZWEB ONLY WORKS WITH THE BASIC FORM

Hi everyone!!

I have a problem trying to simulate my robot on gzweb. I have my simulation on gazebo that works perfectly and when i run gzweb only appear the basic forms as a box or wall... that come with gzweb.

i have made export GAZEBOMODELPATH=/myrobotmodel:$GAZEBOMODELPATH.

i show in readme that when you execute ./deploy -m your model load on the server. But that command fail. It say me that model.sdf have a 1.5 and have to convert to 1.4. But that appear in the basic models of gzweb... What could i make?

what am i making worng?

my versions are gazebo2-2, ubuntu 14.04, ros indigo