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2013-03-12 11:19:01 -0600 asked a question is possible Bullet 3D on Gazebo?

Hi, i'm working with ROS, and Gazebo, and i'm working on colission detection , and now i'm wanna go one step more, i mean, make deformation between objects. I know that exist a library Call BUllet 3D and is used for Gazebo_plugins i suppose it's working with collision part, but it's possible make something or add the functions on bullet about deformable on Gazebo? how can i do that?


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2013-03-11 09:57:28 -0600 asked a question GAZEBO 1.5 NEW VERSION new features?

Hi, i was waitin' for a new version of gazebo, and i need to know if in these new version it's possible deformation of objects.


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2013-02-06 15:25:39 -0600 asked a question deformable objects on gazebo (ROS)

i see tht the nwe version is available but i wnat to know if the deformable physics is on it. and if this version can work with ros. Thnks

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2013-02-04 16:11:58 -0600 commented answer Spawning Animated Deformable Objects in Gazebo

Someone know if the updates was finally success? about deformation . thnks

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2012-12-18 16:42:17 -0600 asked a question deformable objects on gazebo

Hi, i'm working with gazebo annd ROS, i want to know if it's possible the deformation of objects. Any idea? Thnks