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2013-03-13 17:48:20 -0600 asked a question Gazebo 1.5 : gazebo.hh not found


I have been working with Gazebo 1.4 perfectly, however when I update it to Gazebo 1.5 and tried to recompile my plugins i get the following error.

fatal error: gazebo/gazebo.hh: No such file or directory

I'm not sure what's wrong...

Thank you.

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2013-02-20 16:39:42 -0600 asked a question Initial Condition for Joints

Hi, I would like to know is there is a way to start a simulation with initial angles in a model.

I have tried in a plugin:


But, when the simulation starts, the model move it's joint dynamically to the InitialAngle. I need a model with an initial condition in the joint's angles.

Thank you!

2013-02-19 16:53:40 -0600 answered a question Gazebo Physics Solver Type: quick vs. world

Hi RoboUser,

When you use "world" you are using a method that takes more time in computation and memory. Conversely, using "quick" is faster and uses less memory.

However, "world" is more accurate than "quick". If you are simulating a big system using "world" it could take much more time and use a lot of resources of your computer. (maybe this was the cause of the crash simulating the DRC)

Btw, You can have more information about the ODE solver in the ODE page.

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2013-02-15 16:21:19 -0600 answered a question Subscribe from C++ external file

My mistake!!, sorry, I realized that "~/robot/JointState" calls


However, I was in another node, so "~/robot/JointState" was pointing to:


Just in case, if some beginner as me gets confused by a simple error.

2013-02-15 13:40:36 -0600 asked a question Subscribe from C++ external file


I am a new user of Gazebo and maybe this is a trivial question but I was trying to subscribe a topic from a c++ file, so I basically followed the custom messages tutorial. If I have a plugin and want to subscribe a topic the line that I need is:

subJointStates = nodeController->Subscribe("~/robot/JointState",&UpdateJointState,this);

When I tried to subscribe from the c++ file, I can't use "this", since I don't have a class, I have tried replacing "this" with a boolean value, because the declaration of Subscribe wants a boolean.

I tried both of them

subJointStates = nodeController->Subscribe("~/robot/JointState",&UpdateJointState,true);
subJointStates = nodeController->Subscribe("~/robot/JointState",&UpdateJointState,false);

But, looks like it's not working, should I try a different way to subscribe from a C++ External File?

Thank you,