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I'm really not an expert on this, but in principle it sounds like reaction wheels could be implemented by standard links and rotational joints. Controlling the wheels could perhaps be done with ROS.

It sounds a bit overkill to use Gazebo for this purpose, especially if you're not going to use ROS for control purposes in an actual design. What do you really want to simulate? And why Gazebo?

2016-01-14 04:01:57 -0600 commented question Rotating ray sensor (SDF)

Nope, I have not really spent any more time working on it. I've settled on trying to use a ray sensor with a full 360 degree FOV and low update rate for now.

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2015-10-20 03:40:37 -0600 asked a question Rotating ray sensor (SDF)


I'm trying to model a rotating ray sensor, preferably in a purely kinematic way. What I want is a ray sensor rotating with a constant rotational velocity relative to a fixed body frame (around 1 Hz). I.e. I want the net rotational velocity of the sensor (relative to a fixed world frame) to be a sum of its own rotational velocity and the body rotational velocity.

Anyone have any suggestions or examples of how/if this can be done in SDF?

This is my model so far:

It kind of works by applying a torque to the link, but I would like a simpler way of specifying the rotational velocity. Preferably without having to use stuff like ROS controllers.

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I have noticed a few error messages from gzclient lately, but I still find it strange that it loads a model which obviously fails to parse correctly without notifying me. I guess I could file a bug-report somewhere. In any case I'm closing this question.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I had not tried that. It did however not give me any more info. As an example, I tried to remove the closing tag for a </friction> property in my model. Visually this seems to abort the parsing of the rest of the model (i.e. several items are missing from the model), but there is no output from Gazebo in my terminal when running with the --verbose flag.

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2015-10-13 12:03:11 -0600 asked a question SDF parse information

Hi there,

I was wondering if it is possible to output some debug information when loading models via SDF files into Gazebo?

My problem is typically that I load a model that is incompletely parsed, and I have to locate the error by trial and error.

EDIT: Gazebo version 5.1.0