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2015-12-04 14:42:53 -0500 asked a question How to access the simulated camera in Java?


I'm completely new to Gazebo plugins and I'm working within FRCSIM. Can someone give me some pointers to how to access the camera through a Java interface?

2015-12-04 14:42:51 -0500 answered a question Need help with installing FRCSIM

Do you still need help? Are you using Ubuntu 14.04 directly on a PC or through a virtual machine? It must be done on 14.04 (I've tried with others, no luck).

It sounds like you have Gazebo already install which may conflict with the one you need (If I would gander a guess). Is it possible to try reinstalling a fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04 on your machine? That would be easier than trying to manually remove Gazebo from your machine (not impossible but just annoying).

I have followed the following steps with Ubuntu 14.04 as of December 1st 2015.