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2016-01-09 17:26:48 -0500 asked a question Controlling a robot (ragdoll) programmtically

Hi, Thanks for answering my previous questions, they were helpful.

I loaded my world with a plane, a ladder and a ragdoll (from the models repository). I now want to be able to rotate the joints of the ragdoll and make it climb the ladder. But I want to do so via a program. This program would decide how much force or torque to apply to some specific joints and then apply these to those joints. I'd also like to see these actions take place in real-time in the 3D window of Gazebo..

While applying these actions I want to sense the ragdoll's and the environment's next physical state.

For example, something like, rotate(link , angle, axis) would rotate the hip link by "angle" around the given axis, and the action can be seen in real time within Gazebo. Plus, I'd like to add realistic constraints on the joints to limit how much each link or joint can be rotated.

What is the quickest way to develop such a thing? Does the plugin api have functions to rotate the joints?

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2016-01-09 11:19:02 -0500 asked a question Issues with setting up models

I want to clone the models repository on my system, so I followed this step from the documentation: hg clone https://bitbucket.org/osrf/gazebo_models

This gives the error: abort: error: _ssl.c:510: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number

Okay, then I opened Gazebo gui and opened the Insert tab. Which shows the following messages: /home/xxx/.gazebo/models
Connecting to model database...

And, nothing else. I don't think it is able to connect to the models database.

I'm working behind a proxy. Is there a way for gazebo to use these proxy settings?

Or, bypassing all this, can I simply download the models from my browser, without Mercurial or anything else? Why such a roundabout way for downloading models?

2016-01-09 09:54:11 -0500 asked a question Robot control and physics feedback

I have a machine learning project for robot controllers and I want to know if Gazebo is the right platform to use.

My project is as follows:

Its a reinforcement learning project where I need to make a robot learn how to walk. I would control the robots leg joints to make it walk (rotate the leg joints specifically). Let say I designed some stairs in my world and I want to make the robot go up the stairs. I should be able to rotate the leg joints appropriately to do so. If I do a wrong rotation, then the physics should make the robot fall. I should be able to sense the physics environment and be able to make the decision that the robot is about to fall. Then I'd take corrective measures by rotating the robot joints in some other better way.

For example, to climb stairs I need to rotate the knee joints and the thigh-torso joint. If I only rotate the thigh-torso joint without the knee joint, then the robot should start falling since that is an incorrect way of climbing stairs - and the physics simulation should take care of this and give me appropriate sensor feedback.

Can I do this sort of thing with Gazebo?