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2016-05-23 10:40:56 -0600 asked a question Missing documentation for sdf actor does not explain how to use the tags and and what the two .dae files (moonwalk.dae and walk.dae) mentioned in the example on the right should contain(*). Additionally, the example does not work on gazebo7: it simply does not load the model, without displaying any warning/error message even in verbose mode.

(*) e.g. if i want a simple body (sphere) that moves around a fixed trajectory, should <skin> contain the sphere model? And <animation> ?.

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2016-02-12 12:10:51 -0600 asked a question destroy a dynamically created joint?

What is the right way to remove a joint created by: gazebo::physics::PhysicsEngine::CreateJoint ( const std::string & _type, ModelPtr _parent = ModelPtr() ) I cannot find an equivalent removeJoint method.

2016-02-12 12:08:01 -0600 asked a question bug in gazebo::physics::Model::GetJointCount ()

It seems to me that the value returned by gazebo::physics::Model::GetJointCount () is not updated when I create a new joint using the method: gazebo::physics::PhysicsEngine::CreateJoint ( const std::string & _type,ModelPtr _parent = ModelPtr() )

also method JointPtr gazebo::physics::Model::GetJoint ( const std::string & name ) fails to retrieve the dynamically created joint

2016-02-12 11:24:40 -0600 asked a question Change color of a link runtime

Hi, I'd like to change the color of a link runtime, i.e. accessing (via C++ API) to the material property of link1 in the following sdf:

    <model name ='sphere'>
        <pose>0 0 0 0 0 0</pose>
        <link name ='link1'>
          <pose>0 0 0 0 0 0</pose>
          <visual name ='visual'>
                <ambient>1 0 0 1</ambient>
                <diffuse>0 0 0 1</diffuse>

Looking at the documentation (https://osrf-distributions.s3.amazona...) I was able to find several methods to access to other similar properties (e.g. gazebo::physics::Model::SetCollideMode) and also to the link (e.g. LinkPtr gazebo::physics::Model::GetLink) but nothing to access to visual and material properties. How can I do it?