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2016-10-30 12:10:47 -0600 asked a question Put a picture (ar_sys marker) on a urdf object

I am using gazebo 5.0.1 with ROS Jade. I have managed to mount a camera on top of my robot and I have successfully setup the gazebo camera plugin so that I can fetch images from it. Now I want ar_sys to utilize the camera images to detect ar_sys markers that exist in front of the camera in the simulation world. The question is, how do I create the aruco markers in the world in the first place. More specifically, having these markers as .png images, how do I put them on top of a (e.g. box) urdf object?

Thanks in advance

2016-10-27 15:14:31 -0600 commented answer Hydro: Getting blank (black) screen in gazebo

Indeed, nice debugging on this! Encountered the same problem when running gazebo5. Seriously though, just a black screen without any debugging/warning messages is not the best way to go

2016-10-24 10:53:38 -0600 answered a question gazebo default directory and can not insert model

export the following shell variables (e.g. in your ~/.bashrc):

  1. export GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH=path/to/models
  2. export GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH=path/to/worlds.

Also make sure that all the .sdf files in the model path are inside their corresponding folders and have a model.config file beside them. If the latter is not there the model is not going to be found by gazebo. e.g.

    |--> model.sdf
    |--> model.config