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2016-10-28 12:30:25 -0500 asked a question Problem of parallel physics Gazebo

We want to try the Parallel physics Gazebo, which list on the website:

However, we can not install this version of Gazebo successfully under the instruction in the website, and we find some problems after review the source,which list below:

  1. I download the source with the command: hg clone hg clone cd ${WS}/src/gazebo hg update diagnostics_scpeters cd ${WS}/src/sdformat hg update island_threads

  2. sdformat version: the island_threads version seems to be developed based on version sdformat-3.0.3, and the gazebo seemed to be developed on 6.0, but now the source is 7.0

but the source diagnostics_scpeters Gazebo version require to sdformat-4.1.0, which list in cmake/SearchForStuff.cmake

  1. I try to fix the problems by modified the source code, and make and make install it successfully finally, but I can run it successful.

Who can give me any advice?