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Thanks Nate!

We have tried changing the physics parameters, its still the same issue. We are using positional control for the arm. As for the gripper, we tried to apply max. force on top of max. closing by position.

For a quick temporary solution, is there a way to attach the object with the gripper by creating an artificial link? Can we do it from the code for moving the robot? or does it require modifying the urdf manually everytime?

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2016-11-21 10:38:18 -0500 asked a question Object slips out of gripper | Gazebo 7 | UR5 | Robotiq 3 finger


We want to manipulate some simple objects in Gazebo 7 using UR5 and Robotiq 3 finger gripper. We are using ROS indigo on Ubuntu 14.04.

The object slips out of the gripper every time. Sample video:

We have tried changing the mu1, mu2, kp, kd values of the gripper and the object. But no luck. We are using the Robotiq package from DRCSIM.

Have anyone faced similar issues? We will greatly appreciate a quick solution!