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Thanks a lot,I finally have a moving platform (oscillating with a frequency) in gazebo and looks fantastic! I really appreciate that ;) I guess you will hear from me again soon , Thanks again ;)

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Hello, sorry for my late answer but I was not at work. Thanks for your advice, as soon as I can i will try your update solution; what does exactly mean a "static" object inside the gazebo framework? A second question: since I am pretty new and I did not see any tutorial on this, how does gazebo manages time? How can I get a simulated time in second/milli etc.. ? Thanks a lot! Andrea Nisticò

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2016-12-06 13:58:33 -0600 asked a question Disable some physics effects

Hello everyone,

I am new here and as well in gazebo environment, I need some help from you guys!

What I need to implement right now is a moving platform in Gazebo. I did the model (a simple square) and wrote a plugin which assign a constant vertical speed by the SetLinearVelocity method. This platform will be used as a landing target for a quadcopter, hence I an not interested in simulating its dynamics. I just need a moving landing spot!

I tried to land on it with a robot but the platform, at the moment of touchdown, starts spinning.

To fix that, I just set the relative pose (orientation) to zero and the problem disappears. Another issue arises, every simulation step i set the linear velocity right? Well when the robot touches the platform, the square just gets lower as if it is suffering from the robot weight.

Is there a simple way to disable those physics effects? I just need a square to which i can assign the position/velocity through a plugin and that's it.

Thanks in advance