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2017-04-10 08:55:31 -0500 commented question How to get correct alpha blending in gazebo?

I created a minimal example with a collada model I tried to load into gazebo: The model contains several trees and the ogre material script, which is referenced in the sdf file of the model sets alpha blending to enabled. Generally the blending works, but it seems that the objects are drawn in the wrong order, since trees in the back occlude trees in the front. Can you try to help me? The result I am getting is the following: I use gazebo 8.0.0.

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Thanks for your reply. I tried gazebo8 as well, but the problem still remains for me. Because my frustration increases I'm sharing some other thought with you: As far as I understand, it is possible to define multiple "passes" in an ogre material script, which might solve the problem. Nevertheless gazebo does not seem to make use of multiple passes in the code, but instead only performs the first pass. Can someone confirm this? I'm thankful for any kind of advice!

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2017-04-05 02:45:41 -0500 asked a question How to get correct alpha blending in gazebo?

Hello everyone!

I'm facing some problems with alpha blending in gazebo. When loading an sdf model into gazebo, which uses a collada file, the alpha blending does not seem to work properly. I already tried to include an ogre material script in order to explicitely turn alpha blending on. The script is the following: Nevertheless this is only partially helpful.

When semi-transparent objects appear in a scene, the blending still does not work correctly.
The following picture shows the result:

Additionally it seems that other people also have/had similar issues, for instance see the following links:



I am using gazebo 7.6, which should solve the problem according to [1] (should be fixed from 7.4.0 on). Unfortunately, I'm still experiencing glitsches, which I guess are related to wrong entries in the z buffer of the renderer.

Have you also experienced behavior like this? Do you have any recomendations how to solve this problem? Is there a gazebo version, which can handle alpha blending correctly?

Thanks for your suggestions!

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2017-02-13 11:35:05 -0500 asked a question gazebo 6.7 multithreading

Is it possible to run gzclient with multiple threads?