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I found a useful tool (xmllint) to make sure all of my SDF file are valid. It's actually a general tool for XML files, so it also works for config files for example.

Just run, for example:

xmllint ~/.gazebo/models/ground_plane/model.sdf

If you just get the content of the file as output, then your SDF file is valid, otherwise you'd get errors.

It helps a lot. But I still run into issues that are specific to SDF files, so if there's a better tool it'll be great.

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I'm following the Gazebo tutorials on making a model. I decided to manually write the SDF file instead of copy pasting from the tutorial, so that I would learn better. I am now attempting to load the file in Gazebo and I get the following error:

Error [] Error parsing XML in file [/home/mkhoory/gazebo/models/box.sdf]: Error reading end tag.
[Err] [] Unable to read sdf file[models/box.sdf]

My question is: is there a tool I can use to validate the SDF file? I can't seem to find anyone mentioning any tool, and the error message from gazebo is unhelpful because it doesn't give me a line number in the very least.

Really all I want is the line number of where the problem is for when I load it with gazebo.