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2015-10-31 12:30:11 -0600 marked best answer is DRCSIM,for groovy?

there is a missing link between the ROS and GAZEBO-1.7 .

DRCSIM seems to be a way of fixing the link.

I am wondering, does DRCSIM supports groovy, which is the version I am using????

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2013-07-24 07:12:51 -0600 marked best answer please help!, how to open .urdf.xacro file in Gazebo?

Hello all.

I have to load a .urdf.xacro file using the latest version of gazebo. The file of my interested is :

Using Gazebo 1.7, I have no idea how to open up a .urdf.xacro file. Do I have to convert it first to sdf or do I open it directly? How do I do that?

Thank you!

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2013-07-10 18:43:47 -0600 commented answer Ray sensor crashing Gazebo

@iche033, I am having the same problem with the vertical laser in Gazebo using the "ros block laser" plugin, removing the vertical will makes the visualization correct. But then using Rviz, the pointclouds published just doesn't make sense

2013-07-10 18:40:48 -0600 commented question Ray sensor crashing Gazebo

coudl you please supply your urdf? we have having the same problem!

2013-07-10 18:39:13 -0600 commented answer Parameters for ROS Gazebo block laser plugin

this doesn't work properly man,

2013-07-10 18:33:02 -0600 asked a question [Gazebo!] How do the <Sensor> and <camera> works?

Hi all ,

I am already able to use <sensor> and the <camera> tap in the SDF. Since Gazebo is super power simulator, I am extremely interested in how the sensor element works in Gazebo. Off course I am not asking for any details, I am only interested in how it works it general so I could have a better idea how to use such fuctionality properly to simulate the real object.

To be more specially, I want to know why adding <laser> tap will give us the laser scan fuctionality, and adding <camera> while declaring type: depth with give us the depth camera fuctionality?

Thank you all!

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2013-07-04 15:09:02 -0600 asked a question [quick question] what is color descption and <format> in SDF?


I have quesiton about the <format> tap. The <format> tap is under:


According to Gazebo Sdf documentation

 Description of <format> :

Required: 0    Type: string    Default: R8G8B8

If I want the color to be only black or white, which format should I choose?

Thank you all

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2013-07-03 11:21:05 -0600 asked a question [Newbie] How to spawn the old Xacro or urdf file?

Hello all.

I know already how to use the sdf by following the tutorials here. However, most models offered online sources are still in .xacro or .urdf file.

With sdf, we put "model.sdf" file under ~/.gazebo/model directory, then create model.config file also. I am wondering is this still applies to .xacro or .urdf file? (I tried rosrun xacro to convert .xacro file to urdf, but it fails in converting it.)

Thus, I don't know how to spawn them in gazebo.

I am using the ros_gazebo_simulator ( gazebo version 1.5), but I don't think it makes any difference between this and the standalone version.

So I have 2 questions:

1) how to spawn the .xacro model

2) how to spawn the .urdf model

without doing any conversion to sdf. Thanks!

2013-07-03 11:11:40 -0600 commented answer Parameters for ROS Gazebo block laser plugin

please help!, is this working ? I am having the same problem!

2013-07-03 10:50:01 -0600 commented answer Ray sensor crashing Gazebo

Hi. Did you solve this issue? I am having the same problem. Please keep me update as I am looking to implement the swissrangercamera with the libgazeboblock laser plugin. Thanks !

2013-07-02 19:54:05 -0600 commented question ROS Gazebo block laser plugin and MultiRayShape in 1.6.16

peshala, did you solve your problem? I am also trying to get ros block laser plugin to work for my swissranger_camera; it is weird that block laser is the plugin to use in Camera; however, I desperate to publish the poitlcound sensor message.

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2013-06-28 17:01:23 -0600 commented answer Diffdrive plugin: How to use it?

Hi. I got it working eventually. Thank you for all your help so far....

2013-06-28 16:49:15 -0600 answered a question Getting a robot to walk in Gazebo

if you have wheel robot, and you are using ros, then there is one convenient way to accomplish such task.

2013-06-28 16:48:41 -0600 commented question Getting a robot to walk in Gazebo

1) what kinds of robot do you have?

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2013-06-18 17:24:02 -0600 commented answer Diffdrive plugin: How to use it?

if you have time, do you mind to explain why local planner params use "/odom" as globalframeid, while the global planner params use "/map" as the globalframeid, thank you!

2013-06-18 17:22:54 -0600 commented answer Diffdrive plugin: How to use it?

what a beast! could I ask you two questions. For the "/odom" frame, it's fixed right? And also for the local planner params setting, the global frame id is should be "/odom", the robot_base frame id should be "/base_link" (or base_footprint depending on the setup)?

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2013-06-14 17:30:40 -0600 commented answer Set and Get position of gazebo model, using ROS plugin.

is this working?

2013-06-14 16:27:06 -0600 commented answer Diffdrive plugin: How to use it?

nice.... would you mind to share which robot simulator package are you using? I have tried the erratic robot, turtle bot and I have trouble in launching them in gazebo. The reason I ask because I want to see how the navigation stack works for the other robot, and then I will follow their setup for my own robot. thank you very much!

2013-06-13 19:23:06 -0600 commented answer Diffdrive plugin: How to use it?

good job! but my navigation stack isn't working... it moves in circle without advancing to the goal...... How smooth is yours?

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2013-06-13 10:11:04 -0600 asked a question how to? move to a postion

hello all

I have successfully implement the move_base package onto the gazebo. My goal is to move the robot to a specify position in x,y,z coordinate without too much worrying about avoiding the ostacles. Any ideas in which package I could use?

2013-06-07 17:05:25 -0600 asked a question Laser sensor: how to publish topic to ros

Hello All

I am looking to achieve sensor requirement for the navigation stack in ROS. Using hokuyo model in GAZEBO, it only display the scan topic as a topic in GAZEBO

if I go

       rostopic list

I don't see any laser scan topic publish. How should I link the topic to ros? which plugin should I use?

2013-06-06 12:56:48 -0600 commented answer GazeboRosSimIface plugin, question

Thank you for your reply. Nate, I see you are the author of `move_model_test.cpp` plugin. Does that also pose the robot to a specific location?

2013-06-06 12:33:28 -0600 commented answer Diffdrive plugin: How to use it?

Hi. now I have been able to move the base using the cmd_vel command. Are you able to move to a specific location specified in the x, y,z coordinate?

2013-06-06 12:30:36 -0600 asked a question GazeboRosSimIface plugin, question

Hi all

I am looking to move the robot to a specific location within the gazebo simulator. say I want to move to x=2,y=2, z=0 this position, could I use

GAZEBOROSSimlface plugin to archive this goal?

  Acordding to gazebo:

  GazeboRosSimIface provides ROS interface for user to set pose to a body in simulation. 
  It listens on Odometry message (see nav_msgs for API).