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2013-08-01 11:33:11 -0500 commented answer Installing Gazebo 1.9 and gazebo_ros_pkgs from source (missing package cmake_modules).

I also got this error and this also fixed it for me. Thanks so much.

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2013-07-21 12:58:33 -0500 asked a question Issues installing gazebo_ros_pkgs

So I followed the instructions here: for installing gazebo 1.9 from source and currently have a working copy of gazebo which I can start up and which seems to work fine (I was never able to get Bullet to install correctly). The trouble comes when I tried to install gazeborospkgs following these instructions: The ROS version I am using is groovy and I am running 12.04 ubuntu. The gzserver and gzclient are also stored in the correct places as per the instructions.

So I executed all the steps in the tutorial and everything seemed to work fine but when I attempt a catkinmake I get this error: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -l-lgazebomsgs

Has anyone else had this error and/or knows how to fix it? If you do I would be very grateful.