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2013-10-20 01:46:42 -0600 asked a question Error loading tilting laser controller for PR2 in Gazebo, Groovy

I want to test the navigation slam app for PR2 on Gazebo. Therefore I first roslaunch pr2gazebo pr2empty_world.launch to open up the simulator with PR2.

When launching it, I got the following errors on the terminal:

[ERROR] [1382191293.096387452, 0.460000000]: Skipping XML Document "/home/albert/code/groovy/overlay/src/catkinize/examples/filters/default_plugins.xml" which had no Root Element.  This likely means the XML is malformed or missing.
[ERROR] [1382191293.107662436, 0.465000000]: Couldn't find filter of type filters/TransferFunctionFilterDouble
[ERROR] [1382191293.107824814, 0.465000000]: LaserTiltController: Error initializing filter chain
[ERROR] [1382191293.107862890, 0.465000000]: Error Loading LaserScannerTrajController Params
[ERROR] [1382191293.108262955, 0.465000000]: Initializing controller 'laser_tilt_controller' failed


[ERROR] [WallTime: 1382191294.109568] [0.935000] Failed to load laser_tilt_controller

As I learn from the experience of running navigation on ROS Fuerte, it will need the tilting laser to scan the environment for obstacle avoidance. I wonder if this is the reason that cause the navigation to not work properly.

As expected, I can't make the tilting laser start "tilting" using:

rosrun pr2_mechanism_controllers laser_tilt_controller linear 4 0.5 0.0

What might the error come from and how to solve it? Thanks~