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2014-04-06 10:57:23 -0600 asked a question maze world with a mobile robot

How can I change my world environment in Gazebo 1.9 to a maze world with a mobile robot to solve that maze?

My ROS: Hydro OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


Applying a learning algorithm on that maze to solve it.

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2014-03-29 12:15:08 -0600 asked a question Subscribing to Topics

While following tutorial at:

I got following error after executing command cmake ..

CMake Error: Error in cmake code at /home/mudassar/listener/CMakeLists.txt:1: Parse error. Expected a command name, got unquoted argument with text "

Kindly guide to resolve. I am running Gazebo 1.9 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. My ROS is Hydro.


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2014-02-26 02:14:40 -0600 asked a question dual processors with gazebo?

I am very new to Gazebo. I am planning to buy a system (workstation) with the following specs for specifically using Gazebo related simulations:

Processor: Intel® Xeon® Processor E5504

Motherboard: X8DAL-i from Super Micro.


The board supports two processors but I am buying one only. Could you please guide is this a good machine for Gazebo related simulations with real time communications with any general purpose robot (say turtlebot etc.)? Also, does Gazebo supports two processors at the same time?

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2014-02-09 08:56:03 -0600 asked a question Gazebo Hardware Requirement

I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and ROS Hydro. I installed Gazebo 1.9 and executed initial mobile robot tutorials with SDF. But my system gets very slow while running Gazebo. I have 1GB RAM with Intel Pentium (R) Dual CPU E2200@ 2.20 GHz*2. My motherboard is: ASUS P5KPL-AM EPU. Is there a minimum requirement for CPU and RAM while running Gazebo? What is that? Should I increase my RAM?