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2014-10-22 09:39:14 -0500 asked a question New Laptop with good performance for Gazebo simulation

hey guys,

I have to buy a new laptop for work and I want that it gives a real performance boost compared to my current Thinkpad T440s with built in graphics.

So I cant find some system requirements for Gazebo and dont know which graphic cards are supported

I look for a system with a Nvidia GTX 8X0M (prefered a 860m), so a mobile card.

Do I have to check for something?

I will install Ubuntu 14.04 and Gazebo with Ros-Indigo

Thanks in advance.

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2014-09-24 07:32:05 -0500 asked a question Still problems with gazebo_ros and Urdf spawn

Hey guys,

I am still trying to get my gazebo and ros properly work together. But every time it fails because of urdf-spawning issues. So what I am trying or tried is following:

  • Install ROS-Indigo with sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-dekstop-full
  • Install Gazebo 2.2.2 from source (I tried a lot of branches already) as described here (tried with SDF 1.4, 1.4.11, 1.5, 2.0) I am also aware of this issue but I can't find there the ultimate solution o.O
  • Install Gazeborospkgs from debian (sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-gazebo-ros-pkgs ros-indigo-gazebo-ros-control).

So every time (it doesnt matter if I try with hector or turtlebot or husky or smthelse) the spawnmodel part of gazeboros will let my gazebo crash.

Am I missing something? Do I misunderstand something? I know this question was asked a lot and i already found some 'solutions' but nothing helped me so far.

And it seems that not all people here have problems with this, can you explain me your procedure to install everything so it works?

Thanks in advance

2014-09-18 03:03:30 -0500 asked a question Gazebo wont start after source installtion

Hey guys,

I just tried to install Gazebo 2.2 via source in my System (ROS - Indigo, Ubuntu 14.04). But however if i type gazebo in a terminal it says command not found, I already installed gazebo several times via source and never faced this problem. Does anyone know where my mistake was?

Thanks in advance